Thursday, October 30, 2014

Semen Found In Starbucks Drinks Nationwide; FDA Currently Investigating

SEATTLE - it has been reported that the coffee selling giant Starbucks has allegedly been
including semen in their products for the last 3 months, after semen samples were found in the back of Starbucks stores.
Apparently human semen added “more flavor” to the beverages on sale. The FDA is currently investigating the company as there are many questions to be answered.
The FDA is currently trying to find out where the semen is coming from. It is currently unknown if the semen is from humans or animals; and if from humans, is it infected semen?
“We can not believe this” says FDA inspector Jamison Fields, “this is disturbing, if i wanted to consume semen I would just do gay pornography, who would’ve known i was consuming semen through Starbucks” concluded Fields. However, not everyone thinks semen in their coffee is exactly a bad thing; according to Starbucks daily consumer Jackie Sultana, “if they’re using semen then they should keep using it because it’s so God d*mn good, I might just try semen alone to see if it’s that good”. Starbucks is yet to send out a public apology, however, we are expecting it really soon.
It is also speculated that the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is only sold at Starbucks in the autumn, is not only loaded with semen, but cockroaches as well. The FDA plan to shut down Starbucks production tomorrow across the nation. We will update you on Starbucks here on huzlers.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Remove a Ring That Won’t Come Out

We've all been there, you try on a ring and go to remove it only to find that it won't budge. Or Maybe your fingers swell, whatever the reason - a stuck ring can cause panic.

In the video a man helps someone remove their ring using only pliers and a piece of string with a clever trick that involves creating a spiral of string for the ring to unwind on.

The man begins by using the pliers to get underneath the tight ring and push the string through it so it sits underneath.
He then continues by twisting the string around the finger towards the tip in a tight spiral until the string forms a tight coil from the base to the center of the finger. He then firmly secures the string at the centre of the finger by tucking the loose end under one of the folds of string.
Then returning to the base of the finger, the man takes the start of the string and simply unwinds the tightly wound coil that has been secured to the ring, bringing it clean off the finger.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The World's Greatest Drag Race 4

It's back! The World's Greatest Drag Race returns with 10 of the world's best supercars and sports cars facing off in an epic quarter-mile sprint for glory... and ultimate bragging rights! This year's field includes all 10 contenders from Motor Trend's 2014 Best Driver's Car Powered by Mobil.

Disclaimer: I do not own the video
Source: Motor Trend Channel

37 Ways To Save Money Right Now

We all want to start saving. But when money is already tight, it’s hard to find any extra money
anywhere that you can put away in a savings account. So to help you out, we’ve found 37 ways to save money right now.
You don’t have to do all of these (and we wouldn’t want you to — there is such a thing as being too frugal). But implementing even just a few of these tips can have a dramatic impact on your finances. Find out which tips will suit your lifestyle the best, and you’ll be saving money in no time:
  1. Cut your cable. Not only will you save at least P3,600 a year (assuming you had the most basic Sky Cable plan at P299/mo), you’ll also have more time to read books, learn a craft, or go outside and get some exercise.
  2. Reduce eating out to once a week or less. The money you spend on one dinner at a decent restaurant could easily be used for a whole week’s worth of homemade meals.
  3. Make your own coffee. We’ve all heard the cliché about yuppies wasting their money on P200 lattes, but it’s a cliché for a reason. Stop going to Starbucks and start only drinking coffee if you made it yourself at home, or you got it for free at work.
  4. Quit expensive vices. Whether that’s cigarettes, alcohol, or sodas, cut down drastically or, better yet, quit it. An average smoker spends P10,800 a year on cigarettes; one beer a day — imagine how much interest you would have now if you put it in a UITF instead.
  5. Buy generic or store brands. Grocery stores and drugstores offer cheap generic brands of almost anything. (Learn how to save even more on your groceries with our guide.)
  6. Before buying something, see if you can borrow first. If you need some tools to fix something up, or a video camera for a day, or a movie you want to watch, ask your friends first to see if they have one you can borrow.
  7. Use free software. Search the internet for free alternatives to software you need. For example, Microsoft Office is crazy expensive — try OpenOffice instead, or Google Docs. Instead of shelling out for Photoshop for minor editing, get GIMP.
  8. Get rid of your landline. You probably have a cell phone, and never use your landline. Get rid of it and you’ll cut costs. (If you have to provide a landline for credit card applications, use your work’s.)
  9. Sell your unused items. Go through your clothes, check your garage for things you don’t use anymore, and sell it online or have a yard sale.
  10. Start paying for things with cash only. When you use cash, spending it hurts more than it does when you use a credit card, and makes you think about your purchase more.
  11. Buy things in bulk. Split a warehouse club membership with a few friends and save on your groceries by buying things like toilet paper, toothpaste, or soap in bulk.
  12. Buy second-hand things. Used book sales can be a treasure trove, and will add up to much less than if you bought the books new. Thrift stores can yield great clothes for a much lower price.
  13. Wait at least 24 hours before making big purchases. This gives you time to price-check and find the best price for your big-ticket purchase.
  14. Wait at least 30 days before buying an unnecessary item. If you still want it after 30 days, you can buy it. If you forget about it, no sweat.
  15. Ignore your bonuses. You’re used to living without this money; put it in savings, an investment where it can earn interest for you, or use it to pay down your debt.
  16. Ladies, give yourself mani/pedis more often. If you go to the nail salon twice a month, cut it down to once, and do it yourself the other time instead.
  17. Guys, learn how to use a straight razor. The upfront costs can be steep, but once you’ve made your investment, you’ll never have to buy cartridges or blades for the rest of your life. But before you start putting a sharp blade to your neck, ask somebody who knows how to teach you how to do it.
  18. Avoid the vending machine. Not only are the items in there way marked up, they’re also terrible for you. But if you absolutely can’t get through the workday without snacks, have your own secret snack stash, preferably filled with healthy treats you got from the grocery store for low prices.
  19. Meatless Mondays. Giving up meat entirely would save you so much money, but if you’re not ready for that step, try going one or two days a week without meat.
  20. Get a roommate. If you don’t mind sharing your living space with someone else, you could cut your utility bills and rent in half.
  21. Collect your loose change. You’re probably sitting on thousands in coins right now, so take it to the bank. And whenever you’ve amassed P500 in coins, deposit it in a savings account.
  22. Cut down on your entertainment costs by looking for free or cheaper alternatives. Universities and institutions have free movie showings, so check these out instead of spending P250 on whatever cheesy flick is at the mall cinema just because it’s there. Instead of buying albums, use Spotify Free.
  23. For Christmas, limit your spending on gifts. If you’re good at baking, give cookies instead of buying expensive gifts. Or if you have free time, provide your services as a babysitter to your harried, married friends. You can also stop buying wrapping paper and use magazines or newspapers you have lying around instead — be creative! Find out how to save even more on Christmas with our guide.
  24. Cut down on your power bill. Unplug appliances when not in use. Replace your lightbulbs with energy-saving fluorescent lights. Here’s 12 ways you can save electricity.
  25. Keep a budget. You can use these smartphone apps, these desktop apps, or good old pen and paper. Knowing where your money goes will make you more conscious about spending it.
  26. Check your tire’s air pressure. As we said in this article, underinflated tires can waste your gas. A simple check on your tire’s pressure can save you money.
  27. Sign up for all the free loyalty programs you can. This way, you can enjoy rewards for things you already buy a lot of.
  28. Have house parties instead of going out. Going out in Manila can be pricey. Instead of paying P200 for one bottle of light beer, invite friends over to your apartment or house and have a fun night in.
  29. If you do go out, take advantage of happy hour. You don’t have to be a hermit to save money. A lot of establishment have great happy hour deals you can get if you go there before their peak hours. Do a little research so you can have a fun time out without spending too much.
  30. Make meals out of whatever’s on sale at the grocery store. Once a week or so the grocery puts different things on sale. (For example, there was recently a buy 1 kg chicken lollipops, get 500 g free deal at Rustan’s Fresh.) Plan your menu around the sales.
  31. Freeze! You can freeze extra stock, gravy, pesto, tomato paste, lemon juice, and wine in ice cube trays, and toss it in your cooking to add extra flavor. You can also freeze herbs so they don’t wilt in your crisper. On-sale frozen vegetables will also last longer. And keeping your freezer full will actually use less energy, because it takes more to keep an empty freezer cold than a full one.
  32. Find alternatives to retail therapy. Instead of taking out your anger on your credit card, think about what else you can do. You could go for a run, which reduces stress; meditate, which is free; or hang out with people that give you good vibes.
  33. Use cloth diapers. Not only will you spend less, you’ll also save the environment.
  34. Clean with vinegar. Martha Stewart says “a one-to-one solution of vinegar and water makes an effective, economical multipurpose cleaner.” You can clean floors, bathroom tiles, and glass with this, so you won’t need to buy floor cleaner AND glass cleaner any more.
  35. Take care of your clothes. Make your clothes last longer by closing zippers, fastening hooks, and turning items inside out. This way, the zippers and hooks don’t get caught on another item, which could ruin your clothes.
  36. Search the web for promo codes. Just searching for “[online shopping site]” + “coupon” or “promo” can give you codes that you can use to get a discount on your online purchase.
  37. Treat yourself. Trying to live frugally is hard. So every once in a while, spend a little bit of money and get yourself something nice, to reward yourself for the hard work you put into saving money.
So what are you waiting for? Start saving right now!

Monday, October 27, 2014

How To Speed Up iOS 8 On Your iPhone Or iPad

So iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were launched with new and modern iOS 8, and oh how iPhone users were excited. New phone, new OS, the world was beautiful again! Well iOS 8 was launched for some pretty old devices as well, namely the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5. Of course these users felt welcomed into the arms of Cupertino at the time, but once they were through with the upgrade, users, especially those with iPhone 4s or iPad 2, began questioning their judgment. Pretty much akin to how every new major release of iOS slowly eats away at, at least one generation of supported devices, the iPhone 4s and older-gen iPads have fallen right into that infamous generation of ‘too slow’ devices. If you have upgraded your older device to iOS 8 and are really feeling that slowing down of time, there are a couple of steps you can take to speed up your device. Read on after the jump for the details!

Turn Off Spotlight Search

Settings->General->Spotlight Search
Spotlight does a lot of background indexing of your files and other content system-wide. In iOS 8, it uses plenty of data sources from the internet too to get you your desired result, such as Wikipedia, News, Suggested Websites, App Store and more. All this can take up some major chunk of memory and storage on the older devices and it is recommended that you turn it off. If you really want to use this feature, just turn off the sources you do not want information from.
Turn Off Background App Refresh

Settings->General->Background App Refresh
Present in iOS 7 as well, it worked fine for older devices, but try turning this feature off in iOS 8, and you may feel a difference in the overall speed of you device. Apps refreshing their content automatically in the background takes it’s toll not only on the battery, but processing power as well. Essentially this is multitasking, and older devices will have trouble doing so in the face of an already heavy iOS 8.
Turn On Reduce Motion

Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion
The moving wallpaper and the added system-wide animations are indeed beautiful, but now with iOS 8, it is taxing on your devices performance. You can disable the effect by turning on Reduce Motion in the Settings. You will have to trade off this effect for running iOS 8, so make your choice.
Clear Storage Space

Settings->General->Usage->Storage->Manage Storage
As if having to remove almost all your media files from your device wasn’t enough for that iOS 8 upgrade, if your device is low on storage, apps may crash or you may see some odd behavior or glitch here and there randomly. Make sure to keep a couple of GBs of storage available on your device free for smooth functioning.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why we LOVE Germany

1. No Limit on Fun
In Germany they'd rather have you pass out on the streets than drive drunk. Pretty cool!

2. Painted Shorts
Ah yes, Germany: Where it's totally cool to walk around naked as long as you have paint on your goods. Just one reason why we love this country.

3. Children are better off
We love Germany because even if you get lost there's always someone sexy to help you out. ALWAYS. Don't argue with us.

4. The Woman pull their weight
German women are tough! Beer needs to be transported? They get the job done

5. Always on the go
In Germany, people always have somewhere interesting to go. But they don't waste time getting there in an uninteresting way.

6. Champagne
Did we mention that the painted ladies douse each other with champagne until all that paint starts to drip off? What a country! 
We <3 Germany :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Miss Universe 1965 Looks Pretty Much The Same After Five Decades. Unbelievable!

A couple of months after pictures of a sexy 41-year-old Taiwanese mom floated around the web, more evidence of the ‘Asians don’t age’ allegory surfaced, this time in Thailand. And by all means, it’s even more astonishing than the one in Formosa!
Miss Universe 1965 Apasra Hongsakula intended to stay out of the spotlight after being named the planet’s most beautiful woman but photos of the beauty queen began to circulate lately and they will blow the brains off of everybody. Hongsakula basically looked the same–and for some standards, even prettier– than the day she was crowned the first Thai Miss Universe ever!
If you’re not paying attention to the freaking year, it’s 1965. Fifty long years (almost) and she hasn’t aged a day.

Here she is in a clearer photo.

Swirling talk accuses the now-67-year-old great grandma of optimizing her looks through plastic surgery, but she claims the only procedure she has undergone is simply straightening her way hair.

They say talk is cheap and I know there is more to this than meets the eye.

The woman must have sourced her home water lines to the fountain of youth; there’s no other explanation. Or maybe, it’s the  moisturizer.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Caesars Seeking to Build $1 Billion Casino in Philippines

Caesars Entertainment Corp. (CZR), the largest operator of U.S. casinos, is Asia.
Gary Loveman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Caesars Entertainment Corp.
seeking a license from the Philippine government to build a $1 billion resort in the country, betting on luring gamblers from across 
Chairman Gary Loveman and Steven Tight, president of the Las Vegas-based casino owner’s international development unit, held preliminary talks with Philippine President Benigno Aquino last month in the U.S. to discuss the possibility of building the resort in the Southeast Asian country, Tight said in a phone interview yesterday.
“There’s no major international brand currently in Manila,” he said. “There’s a chance to create something that will drive tourism, that will really put Manila on the regional tourism map.”
The Philippines awarded four licenses in 2008 and 2009 to casino operators owned by billionaires including James Packer, Lawrence Ho and Enrique Razon to build resorts in the 120-hectare (297-acre) Entertainment City, a Las Vegas-style complex designed to compete with Singapore and Macau’s gambling markets. Each Philippine licensee agreed to invest $1 billion over five years. The country’s gaming regulator hasn’t granted any new licenses under Aquino’s term, which started in 2010, said Philippine Amusement & Gaming Chairman Cristino Naguiat, who this week confirmed Aquino’s discussion with Caesars.
Caesars approached the government to seek a license and approval for the lease of the land next to Ninoy Aquino International Airport, about 4.7 kilometers (2.9 miles) from Entertainment City, Tight said.
“We’re in the process of evaluating everything,” Naguiat said when asked if the regulator will give out new licenses. The government may consider raising the investment requirement of new entrants to $1.5 billion, he said. “If we will bring in someone new, there has to be value added,” Naguiat said.
The Philippine Daily Inquirer earlier reported on the talks. President Benigno Aquino, in a forum with reporters, said today the government is reviewing Caesars’ application.

Koreans, Chinese

Caesars is seeking to build a resort with shops, restaurants and an entertainment district that could showcase international performers such as Celine Dion and Elton John, Tight said.
The company hopes the project would complement a casino resort it’s building in South Korea, Tight said. Caesars plans to build a network of casinos in Asia and is also interested in the market in Vietnam, he said.
A Philippine resort would benefit from the increasing number of South Korean travelers to the country as well as tourists from southern China, according to Tight. More than 20 percent of tourists in the Southeast Asian country came from South Korea in the first seven months of the year, according to the tourism department. This was followed by the U.S. which contributed 16 percent of the total, while China ranked third with 9 percent.


Caesars is working with a local company on a possible casino project and is seeking a “large scale” domestic partner for the resort, Tight said.
Entertainment City will have four casinos including Solaire Resort & Casino by Razon’s Bloomberry Resorts Corp. (BLOOM) City of Dreams Manila, a venture owned by Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. and Philippine billionaire Henry Sy, is slated to open by this year.
The two remaining licenses are held by an affiliate of Kazuo Okada’s Universal Entertainment Corp. and a venture of Genting Hong Kong Ltd. and Philippine billionaire Andrew Tan. If Okada’s group doesn’t complete its casino project by March, it may forfeit its performance bond of 100 million pesos ($2.2 million) to the Philippine gaming agency, Naguiat said.
More @ Bloomberg

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And the winners of this year's cutest wildlife photos are. . .

So you might have heard: the winners of the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards were just announced. The prestigious awards honor the year’s best in nature photography in a variety of categories —from “plants and fungi” to “underwater species.” What they’re missing, category-wise, is “cuteness.” And that’s where we come in. We took a gander at the many winners and finalists of this year’s awards and selected the overall most adorable photos of the batch. Spoiler: The plants and fungi photos, though gorgeous, did not make the cut. What did make the cut are these incredible images of wild animals just being painfully awesome.

This Japanese macaque is totally listening to you, he’s just checking his Facebook page real quick. Actually, the story goes that he snatched the phone from a tourist’s hands, and a quick-thinking photographer/tour guide named Marcel Van Oosten captured the moment on his camera, because he is a genius. Oosten won WPY’s People’s Choice award for this picture and the macaque won our undying love—not only for sharing our addiction to technology, but for giving us the finger in the process.

Somebody’s sleepy (or possibly stalking prey, but we prefer to think he’s sleepy.) Leon Peulinos of Greece (who is 10 years old or younger, mind you) snapped this image of a cheetah who just ate an impala and was experiencing mild food coma as a result. Note: Cheetahs are super-cute from far away.

These are baby owls, or owlets. We kid you not, that’s what baby owls are called. Oh lord, they’re cute. We have child photographer, Sitara Karthikeyan of India, to thank for this image that’s basically killing us.

Alexander Badyaev won in the category of “Mammals” for this incredible image of a mouse in Montana who totally makes us want to re-watch An American Tale.

Bruno D’Amicis earned a WPY nod for this image of an endangered Tunisian fox, also known as our dream pet. Seriously, cats who?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nicholas Walters TKO 6 Nonito Donaire - Via: RingTV has a live round-by-round update of tonight’s sixth-round technical knockout by unbeaten
RING No. 3-rated featherweight Nicholas Walters over RING No. 4-rated Nonito Donaire, who was floored twice and dethroned as WBA beltholder at StubHub Center in Carson, Calif.
Walters (25-0, 21 knockouts) floored Donaire (33-2, 22 KOs) with a right uppercut in the third round and dropped him for good, face-first, with a right to the temple at the 2:59 mark of the final round.
Donaire rose on unsteady legs to be the count, but referee Raul Caiz had seen enough and waved an end to the bout.
Walters, 28, had an overall advantage in punches landed (85-to-40), power shots (41-to-36) and jabs (44-to-4) in the bout, representing his fifth consecutive stoppage victory. Donaire was bleeding from cuts over both eyes.
Donaire, 31, had last been action for a fifth-round technical decision that dethroned Simpiwe Vetyeka as WBA beltholder in May, scoring a fourth-round knockdown en route to winning his sixth major title (as well one RING championship) in a fourth weight class.
On the Donaire-Vetyeka undercard, Walters scored a fifth-round stoppage of two-division titleholder Vic Darchinyan, whom he dropped once in the second round and twice in the fifth.
Donaire has twice beaten Darchinyan, stopping him in the fifth round as flyweights in July 2007 and again for a come-from-behind ninth-round knockout in November, one bout prior to Darchinyan’s loss to Walters.
Walters and Donaire weighed in at 125.5 pounds each, and re-hydrated to 138 and 133, respectively. 

Donaire vs. Walters
Bookmark and refresh this page often for updates.
Referee: Raul Caiz Jr.
Judges: Adalaide Byrd, Steve Morrow, Tom Taylor.
 Fighters have both been introduced by ring announcer Michael Buffer.
Round 1:  Fighters at ring center. Walters stalking, Donaire circling gradually. Probing jabs that miss by each fighter. Left to the body by Nicholas. Left uppercut for Donaire grazes. Right by Walters, left by Donaire. Jab and right by Walters. DONAIRE DOWN, but it’s ruled a slip. Double-jab by Walters. Jab and right by Walters. Left hook by Donaire. Good pressure from Walters. Jab by Walters, two hooks to the body by Donaire. Jab by Walters to end the round. Walters, 10-9.
Round 2: Walters out-landed Donaire, 8-4, in the first round. Walters contiinues to move forward behind the stiff jab. Left to the body by Donaire. They trade lefts, and then another left to the body by Donaire. Two right hands to the head by Donaire, beating Walters to the punch. Jab to the body and right to the head by Donaire. Another right by Donaire to the head and then he retreats. Hard right to the body by Donaire. He’s warned for straying low. They trade lefts, but Walters’ lands harder. Hard right by Donaire. Good action. WALTERS STUNNED AND SHAKEN BY A LEFT HOOK AT THE BELL. Donaire, 10-9; Even, 19-19.
Round 3: Donaire is cut and picks up where he left off. Good left hook early by Donaire. Donaire is countering well. Right by Donaire. Left to the body and the head by Walters. Hard jab and right by Donaire. Another right by Donaire and a hook by Walters. Good left uppercut by Donaire and a right by Walters. Double-jab by Donaire. Jab by Walters. Solid exchanges with their jabs. Right by Walters.HARD RIGHT UPPERCUT DROPS DONAIRE. He rises. Walters coming after him. Donaire lands a hook, but Walters lands a right. Walters, 10-8; Walters, 29-27.
Round 4: Harold lederman has it for Walters, 29-27. Great fight. Walters moving forward behind the jab with confidence. Right by Donaire and a double-jab. Walters still moving forward with mean intentions. Donaire pumping the jab, Walters, an occasional stiff jab. Hard left to the body and right to the head by Walters. Left and right by Walters. Right by Donaire. Left and right by Walters. Donaire bleeding profusely from the right eye. Solid jab and body work by Walters. Walters, 10-9; 39-36.
Round 5: Lederman has it for Walters, 39-36. Double-jab by Walters on the attack. More solid jabs from Walters after a Donaire miss. Left hook by Walters re-directs Donaire. Donaire standing his ground but takes another jab. Lead right by Donaire and another. Right by Donaire, left by Walter. Hook by Donaire, right by Walters and a hook also. Solid exchanges. Right uppercut by Walters. Right to the head by Walters, left by Donaire. Left to the body by Donaire and one also by Walters. Right uppercut and jab by Walters. Two rights by Walters on the ropes. Walters getting the better of the exchange and pressuring on the ropes as the bell sounds. Walters, 10-9; Walters, 49-45.
Round 6: Walters out-landed Donaire, 21-10 in the last round. Lederman has it for Walters, 49-45.Walters continues his steady pressure and probing for the shot. Donaire bleeding from both eyes. Jab and right by Donaire. Right by Donaire in retreat. Left, right and right by Walters all to the head. They trade rights. Donaire’s back against the ropes more frequently as Walters presses forward. Walters banging to the head and body evenly. Triple-jab by Walters. Right by Donaire. Right by Walters. Jab and right by Walters. HARD RIGHT HAND HIGH ON THE HEAD AT THE TEMPLE DROPS DONAIRE FACE-FIRST PRIOR TO THE BELL. HE’S UP, BUT RAUL CAIZ WAVES AN END TO THE FIGHT!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

ISIS Takes To The Air, Trains Members To Fly Captured Fighter Jets

In a sign that militants of the Islamic State group are evolving their tactics to further
A jet from the U.S.-led coalition flies in the sky over the Syrian town of Kobani as seen from a hill in Tal-Hajeb village that overlooks Kobani, October 7, 2014. Reuters/Stringer
intensify and widen attacks, officials of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reportedly said that ISIS is now training its cadre to fly fighter jets.
“They (Islamic State group) have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for Saddam Hussein,” Rami Abdel Rahman, director of the United Kingdom-based Observatory told Reuters, adding that the militant group is training its members to fly three fighter jets, reportedly captured from the Syrian military.
Rahman told Reuters that locals living in the region have reported seeing the planes take off from the al-Jarrah military airport east of the Syrian city of Aleppo. “They went up many times from the airport and they are flying in the skies outside the airport and coming back,” he reportedly said.
As of now, it is not clear whether the planes, which witnesses identified as MiG 21 or MiG 23 models, are equipped with weaponry, Reuters reported.
If confirmed, this would be the first instance where the Islamic State group, which is facing continuous airstrikes from a United States-led coalition, has taken to the air.
Meanwhile, coalition airstrikes in and around the Syrian border town of Kobani have helped Kurdish fighters push back militants of the Islamic State group, according to media reports. A Kurdish commander told BBC that ISIS had been driven out from most of the town and that it would be “liberated soon.”

In a statement released Thursday, the Observatory said that more than 650 people, including nearly 400 fighters of the Islamic State group, have been killed in Kobani in the last one month, adding that the actual death toll could be at least twice the number. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Typhoon Vongfong heads towards Japan's main islands, 23 people injured

OKINAWA JAPAN - Powerful Typhoon Vongfong continues to churn toward Japan's main
islands after strong winds and heavy rain left 23 injured in the south.
The monster storm hit the southern Okinawan islands over the weekend and is now moving towards the main Kyushu and Honshu islands, where it is due to make landfall as early as Monday morning, the national weather agency said.
Vongfong was in the southern area of Kagoshima early on Sunday, the meteorological agency said, placing it around 230 kilometres west of Amami-Oshima island.
It is packing gusts of up to 180 kilometres per hour as it moves north-northwest.
Waves crash as Typhoon Vongfong approaches Japan's main islands in Kuroshio Town, Kochi prefecture, in this photo taken by Kyodo October 12, 2014. (REUTERS/Kyodo)
"The typhoon is feared to go near or make landfall on the Kyushu and Honshu main islands through Monday to Tuesday," meteorologist Hiroshi Sasaki told reporters.
At least 23 people have been injured in the southernmost Okinawa prefecture, including a man in his 20s and a nine-year-old girl who had their fingers cut off by a door slamming due to ferocious winds.
"These are two separate cases, but in both cases they lost one of their fingers as the door closed violently due to the strong winds," a local official said.
The typhoon came just a week after another strong tropical storm whipped through the country, leaving 11 people dead or missing.
Via: JapanTimes

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#SmartFreeInternet promo expands to postpaid and broadband subs, extends until January

Manny V. Pangilinan, Smart and PLDt chairman, just announced on Twitter that due to the overwhelming response on Smart's free Internet promo to its prepaid subscribers, they are extending the said offer until January 5, 2015.
Shortly after posting this tweet, he also posted another saying, "Even better - free internet now open to ALL prepaid, postpaid, and broadband subs of Smart, TNT & Sun #SmartFreeInternet for all @SmartCares"

To know the details of said offer, here's Smart's full press release:

In another unprecedented move, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Sun Cellular announced that effective October 3, it is expanding their free Internet offer to all of their prepaid subscribers to also cover all their postpaid and broadband subscribers. Furthermore, they are extending the duration of the free mobile Internet promo across all subscribers – postpaid, prepaid and broadband -- from November 30 through the Christmas season until January 5, 2014.
The announcement was made through MVP’s official Twitter account: “TY for the overwhelming response to #SmartFREEInternet. Our early Christmas gift to our loyal and new subs – offer now extended to Jan. 5.”
In another tweet, MVP added “Even better – free Internet now open to ALL prepaid, postpaid & broadband subscribers of Smart, TNT 7 Sun #smartFREEinternet for All.”

Full Facebook experience and more
On top of their free Internet, all subscribers can also enjoy “unli” “all-you-can” Facebook access - including sending messages via Facebook messenger and viewing of videos embedded in the social networking site. Subscribers can also enjoy all-day Wikipedia access as well on top of their daily 30 MB free data allocation.
Through this special offer, all of the 72 million subscribers of Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text can enjoy browsing through all their favorite websites as well their social media accounts using their data-enabled handsets. They can also send and receive emails, use their favorite mobile apps, shop online, and more – without incurring additional data charges.
This move comes a week after Smart and Sun Cellular surprised the industry with its groundbreaking offer for free mobile Internet for its Smart prepaid, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular prepaid mobile subscribers.
"This is our way of thanking our subscribers as well as a response to the requests of our postpaid and broadband subscribers to be included in the special offer. It is part of our overall strategy in accelerating mobile Internet adoption and usage in the country," said Charles A. Lim, executive vice president and head for wireless consumer business at Smart.

Text FREE to 9999
To avail of the free mobile Internet offer, subscribers just have to maintain an airtime balance of at least one peso, or be subscribed to any load bucket/promo. They can register each day, by simply sending “FREE” to the number “9999.” Registration is free. They will receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration.
Once registered, subscribers can enjoy a free data volume package of up to 30MB per day. Data charges will however apply to peer-to-peer uploads and downloads, videos (unless embedded in Facebook), VOIP and messaging (except for Facebook messenger).
Smart’s successive free mobile Internet offers follows the leader’s recent announcement that it has stepped up the deployment of its broadband network, to meet the growing demand for data services.

Resilient and nationwidest network
"With millions of subscribers going online, our network has been performing very well, enabling them to sign-up for the service to take advantage of the free Internet offer ." said Roland G. Pena, Smart Technology Group Head.
The PLDT Group has thus far rolled out about 90,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables all over the country which provides the transmission facilities needed to support Internet services. It has also the most extensive international cable systems needed to connect the Philippines to the rest of the world.
Last Wednesday, PLDT also announced that it is boosting the capacity of its 90,000-kilometer domestic fiber optic network by 520 gigabits per second under a P544-million expansion project that will be completed by the first quarter of 2015. This will raise the total capacity of PLDT’s DFON by 13 percent to 4.6 terabits per second.

Source: Smart Communications Inc.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

World's largest passenger plane lands at NAIA

MANILA, Philippines - The world's largest passenger aircraft landed at the Ninoy Aquino
International Airport (NAIA) on Tuesday night and was welcomed by President Benigno Aquino III.
Footage from Radio and TV Malacañang (RTVM) showed Aquino inside the NAIA Terminal 3 as the Emirates Airbus A380 arrived from Dubai past 10 p.m.
The President later talked to officials of Emirates Airline. In an earlier post on its official Facebook page, Emirates said it took its flagship Airbus A380 aircraft to Manila to celebrate the airline's move to the international terminal.
Based on the RTVM footage, the Airbus A380 was given a water cannon salute while Aquino met the plane's Filipino pilot, Capt. Franklyn Desiderio, 
Capt. Franklyn Desiderio

According to television reports, Aquino also welcomed the passengers of world's largest plane and observed the operations of the Terminal 3.

The A380's landed at the NAIA after the country's main gateway was named by US website The Cheat Sheet as among the world's worst airport.

“This Manila-based airport struggles with the 32 million passengers who use its facility each year. That shouldn’t come as a shock, though, considering it only has the capacity for six million passengers, according to CNBC,” it said.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Argues With A Jamaican Woman In Brixton, London (She Doesn't Know Who He Is)

Floyd Mayweather was getting his hair cut in Brixton, South London when a Jamaican lady said out loud that she didn't know who he was. Being the highest paid athlete in all sports, Money May was surprised and ended up in a little beef with the lady!

Disclaimer: I do not own the video 
Credits to: Can't Ban The Snowman (Youtube)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sometimes It Takes Some Cartoons To Make Us Realise How Facebook Really Is

Pawl Kucyznski, an artist from Poland, has specialized in thought-provoking illustrations for a decade. Awarded over 100 prizes and distinctions for his expressive socio-political statements, Kucyznski’s subject matter usually deals with serious issues mixed with tabloid style cartoons.