Sunday, July 5, 2015

Next generation backpack - iBackPack

Here comes a revolution of turning a humble backpack into a high-tech, smart backpack for anyone from age eight to eighty...

Maybe you'll replace your regular back-to-school backpack, or your outdated briefcase with a backpack that has a powerful battery system, a personal WiFi, multiple USB ports, GPS and Bluetooth Proximity capabilities and much more...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ever Wondered What This Arrow Next To Your Car’s Fuel Meter Means?

Many of you must have wondered what this peculiar arrow denotes on your dashboard?

Right? Today that question will be answered. But before we get to that, do you know where the gas tank is located in your car? Obviously, you know. But what if this was a rented car? Would you know which side the gas tank is on? OR what if it’s your friend’s car? That sign, the peculiar sign, denotes which side of the car the gas tank is on.
This arrow might not be present in old cars, however, the hose on the icon still depicts which side of the car the gas tank is on. Who knew this sign would be so helpful?

Instantly See Which Side of Your Car the Gas Tank Is On...

Monday, June 8, 2015

The “Human-Powered” Amusement Park In The World Made by Hand

Venice, Italy - Bruno is the owner of the restaurant called “Ai Pioppi” and when he learned to
weld in the 1960’s, he thought of making a playground for kids to come to his restaurant.

He said, “A branch falls, a leaf floats down, a bird flies by, a stone rolls. And I say to myself, ‘Maybe I can use this movement.’ That’s how my ideas are born.”
“If you are attached to someone, emotionally or mentally, or someone you live with. When this person dies and you were attached to him, you feel pain for some time, but this feeling slowly goes away. In ten years, you may still remember him but your children won’t even know who he was. It’s over!” – Bruno

This awesome park could be an alternative way to promote exercise. Fun and exciting at the same time. But what’s more impressive is…it was entirely built by hand and Bruno did it alone. Now that’s pure dedication and effort. WOW!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

SM Seaside City Cebu to open in November

Cebu City Philippines, In November this year, SM Seaside City, the fourth largest SM mall nationwide, will open.
This is according to Hans Sy, president of SM Prime Holdings Inc., who was in Cebu yesterday for the mall’s tenant preview held inside SM Seaside City at the South Road Properties.
“We are looking to open the mall by November,” Sy told reporters at the sidelines of the event. In its four-year construction period, the company has already spent P7.5 billion for the mall development.
The next six years will be more exciting, he said, as they are targeting to completely develop the entire 30-hectare complex.
Upon completion, the site will have a convention center, which is planned to be as big as the 24,000-square meter SMX Convention Center in Pasay, a hotel, and high-rise residential and office towers.
“The whole complex will cost P20 billion, but we have to raise our budget to P30 billion,” Sy said, citing the company’s confidence in their investments in Cebu and the positive response they are getting.
Sy said SM Seaside City will be the fourth largest SM mall in the country, having a gross floor area of 470,000 square meters. SM’s biggest malls are SM Megamall (570,000 sqm.), SM North Edsa (540,000 sqm.), and SM Mall of Asia (480,000 sqm.).
The official said there is space for more than 400 tenants and that 50 percent have already signed up. Names of the tenants, however, were not disclosed.
“What I can say that for is half of the tenants, it will be their first time in Cebu,” Sy said, referring to global brands that have already set foot in Metro Manila years ago, but have not yet penetrated Cebu.

An observational piece documenting a historical part of Osaka's car enthusiasts culture

This is RAW footage that was captured in Japan as merely an observational piece documenting a historical part of Osaka's car enthusiasts culture. What you see is not scripted in any way nor was any of it planned. What you will witness is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted, recreated, or practiced at any time.

All parties who participated do so at their own risk and hold any and all persons associated with STICKYDILJOE.COM and this channel harmless of any and all liabilities.


The Chronicles Vlog #7 is a series of videos documenting my journey back to Japan in preparation for the annual Wekfest Japan event. I was asked to return to Japan a few days earlier than I had originally scheduled to help out the guys over at Tactical Art. They were finishing up some cars and preparing for the event and it was important that I be there early to help. I decided to document the entire thing so that you can see what goes on prior to WFJP as well as after. This is essentially every day life in Japan as we prepared for the big event.

This is probably the one that many have been waiting to see... With that said, let me address one major issue that people will have when viewing this: YES, the video is very shaky. I have done what I could to stabilize it but what it comes down to is we just weren't prepared for any of this to happen that night. Originally, we had planned to head back to Tokyo but being that it was a major holiday, we couldn't get a train out and so we were stuck in Osaka. It was just a average, chill day until we got a phone call from one of our contacts within No Good Racing. I can't really divulge much on the details of the evening but as you will see, we have acquired raw in-car footage in its most violent form. For those of you who were wondering what it was like to participate in this incredibly dangerous activity, now you will get a glimpse from within the car that is piloted by a highly-respected member of NGR who we have come to know as "The King". He is a long-time member (over 20 years driving) who is still very much an active member of the infamous car club. What I want you guys to notice when watching the video is the pure joy he gets from running the Osaka Loop to this very day in 2015. The guy is just not wired like regular human beings. He is a thrill-seeker like none you have ever seen before and his crazy, violent driving style is one that has to be seen. 


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yamaha Tesseract - Awesome Hybrid 4-Wheeled Motorcycle

The Yamaha Tesseract concept for Tokyo Motor Show is not a motorcycle. Because it's way more
awesome than a motorcycle.
Featuring 4 wheels for enhanced stability, the frame is apparently still not much bigger than a normal bike. And somewhere in there fits two different engines, one gasoline of undisclosed size and another electrical (to dual impress biker chicks and eco babes, though probably offering some impressive performance payoffs as well). The important note to remember is that the Tesseract is not a motorcycle. Please spread the word and make sure every wife knows it while we pray Yamaha actually puts the...vehicle...into production.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

El Gamma Penumbra is ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ First Season Grand Winner

Filipino shadow play group El Gamma Penumbra of Tanauan, Batangas, was crowned the
Image by: #Asiasgotalent FB Page
first ever grand champion of “Asia’s Got Talent” during the results show held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on Thursday.
As grand winner, El Gamma brought home a cash prize of $100,000.
El Gamma topped eight other grand finalists, which included three other Filipino acts, namely 10-year-old songstress Gwyneth Dorado, classical diva Gerphil Flores and hip-hop dance group Junior New System.
Musicians Khusugtun of Mongolia emerged first runner-up, while Gerphil finished second.
Other grand finalists were dancers Gao Lin and Liu Xin (China), dancers Triqstar (Japan), young rock stars The Talento (Thailand) and tap dancers Dance Thrilogy (Singapore).

El Gamma Penumbra wins 'Asia's Got Talent'

MANILA, Philippines – Filipino shadow play dance group El Gamma Penumbra won
the first season of Southeast Asian pan-regional reality show Asia’s Got Talent.

The result leaked moments before the finale, set to air evening of Thursday, May 14. Social media users began tweeting the news.
Fans can still watch the group claim their victory at 8pm on AXN Asia.
The popular dance group beat out fellow Filipino contestants Gerphil Flores, Junior New System, and Gwyneth Dorado, as well as Thai rock group The Talento, Chinese acrobats Gao Lin and Liu Xin, tap dance group Dance Thrilogy, Mongolian musical ensemble Khusugtun, and Japanese dance troupe Triqstar.
In the previous episode aired May 6, they performed a tribute performance to Mother Nature to the song “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas. This performance not only brought the judges to their feet, but also made judge Anggun cry.
“I actually promised not to cry tonight. What really made me fall in love with your performance was the possibility of messages that you can put is endless,” said Anggun. 

The group has been the show's standout “Golden” pick, having received two Golden Buzzers from the judges in the auditions and in the semis.
The winner of Asia’s Got Talent will receive a cash prize of US$100,000 and a chance to perform at the Marina Bay Sands.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Chinese billionaire treat's 6,400 staff to France Vacation

TIANJIN, China - He could be the dream boss of many, as a Chinese billionaire takes his 6,400 employees on a holiday vacation in France. 

The employees of Tiens Group, a conglomerate chaired by one of China's business billionaires, Li Jinyuan, is the biggest tour group to ever visit France. During the four-day break between Paris and Nice the group is expected to spend €13 million (£9.5 million) on hotels, food and excursions including a mass private viewing of the Louvre museum and a trip to the Moulin Rouge cabaret show.
On Friday 147 buses took the group from their four or five-star hotels to the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, where they formed the words “Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur”, in a record-breaking "longest human-made phrase".

“We have have mobilised public services as well as tourism professionals, hotels, restaurants, shops and designer brands,” Christian Mantel, head of Atout France, a tourism development agency, told AFP.
“So far everything has gone smoothly, the feedback has been extremely positive.”
Mr Li, who was featured on Forbes 2011 list of the world’s billionaires, founded Tiens Group in 1995. The conglomerate has diverse business in biotechnology, logistics, finance, property, tourism and retail and has more than 12,000 employees, half of whom went to France to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hybrid electric train coming soon to Cebu City #BRT

The Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Hybrid Electric Road Train will hit the road at the Clark Airbase in Angeles City, Pampanga this September for road worthiness tests before rolling out in Metro Manila’s major highways.
Designed by Filipino engineers and made with locally available parts, the 40-meter long train-like bus is an alternative means of transportation and one of DOST’s answer to the mass transportation dilemma in metro roads.
The road train is composed of five interconnected fully air-conditioned coaches, four of which can accommodate 60 passengers each for a total of 240 commuters per ride.  The last one is the power coach.
DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo estimates that the road train can serve 650,000 commuters when fully implemented. “This will happen after its testing phase which will take two to three years,” he said.
DOST's Electric Road Train

Launched last August 22, 2014 the road train can run with a maximum speed of 50kph. It is mainly powered by hybrid diesel fuel and electric-powered battery. Moreover, the train is designed to be energy-efficient, which means it does not need electricity and suspended cables to operate. This newest Filipino innovation also produces less smoke emission compared with existing mass transport vehicles, making it an eco-friendly mode of transport. (S&T Media Service, DOST-STII)
Cebu City may soon have its own environment-friendly mass transport system: a hybrid electric road train that can accommodate at least 200 passengers at a time.

This was after the city government signed a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Science and Technology on the proposed system, GMA Cebu's Vic Serna reported Thursday.
DOST's Electric Road Train

El Gamma Penumbra Gives Touching Performance in "Asia's Got Talent" Finals

Shadowplay group El Gamma Penumbra gave another world-class performance during the final's night of the biggest talent search in Asia. It could be remembered that the all-Pinoy group got a Golden Buzzer during their audition from Indonesian celebrity judge Anggun

El Gamma Penumbra is one of the four Filipino acts that perform in the grand finals of Asia's Got Talent in Singapore.

It can still be remembered that El Gamma Penumbra got two golden buzzers from the judges. The first golden buzzer was from Anggun and they received it on their audition, while the second golden buzzer was given by the four judges of Asia's Got Talent which immediately brings them to the grand finals.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is this three-deck, zero-emissions super jumbo plane the future of flight?

A vision of Aviation's Future...
Designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals is slightly addicted to crafting concept planes.
Last year, he came up with the design for the AWWA Sky Whale, a futuristic aircraft that he said would revolutionize green air travel and carry an astonishing 755 passengers. Now, he's bested himself.
With his newest design, the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, he imagines the future of travel as a triple-decker aircraft with zero carbon emissions.
Rather than relying on traditional fossil fuels, the plane (which he envisions taking to the skies in 2030) would rely on six hydrogen engines to lift the plane off the ground. The aircraft would also be fitted with a rear engine that would double as a wind turbine, and solar panels on the roof and wings.
"The best aspect of the Progress Eagle would be its capacity to generate its own energy," says Vinals. He adds that the flight would also be "noiseless."
Vinals also envisions the plane, which would carry up to 800 passengers (275 more passengers than the largest aircraft today could handle), would have a new passenger class in the front of the plane.

    The "pilot class" would have panoramic views. There would even be the potential for private rooms, shops and restaurants.
    "Twelve hours in an airplane could feel more like a select hotel," says Vials. "It would reduce the stress of a long flight."
    At the moment, the concept is little more than, well, a concept. Vinals acknowledges that the technology needed to implement his design is still a ways off.

    Friday, April 3, 2015

    Phlipppine chess whiz kid, 7, youngest Fide master

    Manila Philippines - Meet Alekhine Nouri. At 7 years old, he is the Philippines’ youngest chess master, having won a key World Chess Federation-sanctioned competition for his age group last month in Thailand.

    “I’d like to play Sergey Karjakin,” Alekhine told The Wall Street Journal, referring to the world’s youngest child to win a “Grandmaster” title at 12 years and seven months old. “I want to be a super [Grandmaster],” added Alekhine, who was named in honor of Alexander Alekhine, one of the world’s greatest chess players who became the fourth World Chess Champion in 1927.
    Alekhine’s father, Hamed, and mother, Roda, decided in December to move their family–Alekhine has an older brother–from Escalante City in the central Philippine province of Negros Occidental to metropolitan Manila to give the 1st grader a better chance at developing his potential. Within six months, Alekhine became a FIDE Master—the highest norm Alekhine can earn in age group competitions–and was granted an athletic scholarship by the Far Eastern University FEU.PH -2.00% in Manila as a member of the school’s elementary chess team.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    House for Sale in Indonesia with Free Wife

    INDOBERITA.COM, Yogyakarta - Reason Vienna Lia Sale Homes Plus Ready to marry the Buyer woman aged 40 years, Vienna Lia. Admitted if he does not have specific criteria for the bride and her husband later. For Vienna, the most important is, the man can buy a house is also the man responsible is also able to be candidates for the priesthood for her and her children. 

    "Every time I initiate a relationship, I have always been led to failure. The two times I've experienced broke, "said Lia Vienna, on Monday (03/09/2015) yesterday.
    "The greatest hope for me is this house can be sold. However, if they meet the other mate, yes that is important'm still single, would the male bachelor or widower, which is important to have the responsibility and mature minded man, "said Lia Vienna.
    One thing that is very important, he hopes that if the figure of a husband who is able to drive can also be guided to the problem of religion. According to Vienna, it is very necessary, there is a father who became a role model, both also became a role model for for all children.
    "Most important to the faith, Muslims must also he could be a figure priest, who can direct me to be able to wear the hijab as well," added Vienna. 

    Beautiful and shapely woman, it turns out he has a salon business, too. Vienna said, if almost every night he always asks to God, so that her husband was given a really good too responsible. In addition, he was very begged her home as soon as possible so that the behavior of all its debts in the Bank may soon paid off.
    Vienna said, when his house to be sold is located in the area Randu Tamanmartani Scissors, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, built around 2013 ago. He built the house for the deceased mother begged him to stay not far from the family. Because the mother's hope that, eventually Vienna Lia also borrow money from the bank to fulfill the vow to build a house.
    Previously, On the home buying and selling sites directly shocked by an advertising sales house with an area of ​​1 523 square meters worth USD 999 million in the area Randu Tamanmartani Scissors, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. In the ad, the written word, "Ages Rare Offer Now !!! Buy house can invite the owner to marry ('Terms and conditions apply') only for serious buyers and without negotiable "

    Sunday, March 8, 2015

    Crazy Gadgets

    Believe it or not this isn’t the first levitating speaker we’ve seen, in fact the OM/One looks cooler, but both employ the magic of magnets. Balanced correctly on top of the magnetized base you have a shiny chrome centerpiece that screams “look at how much money I have!” It costs $200 and we’re talking about a 3W output. But it does float, we have to give it that.

    You know what your washing machine really needs? It needs another smaller washing machine that slides out of the base allowing you to do two different loads at once. LG’s twin washing machine means you can do a regular load, but also simultaneously a very small load on a different setting. Is that useful? Do you ever curse the lack of a second washing machine?

    This ring lets you point and gesture to turn on the TV, switch off the lights, or launch an app on your smartphone. It could make you feel like a wizard, but how much would you be willing to pay for precious gesture control? At $270, it’s not cheap, and according to early reviews and Kickstarter backers, it has more than a few problems.

    Sunday, March 1, 2015

    5 Largest Man-Made Machines Ever Created

    1. Largest Dump Truck

    With its brightly painted guardrails and ladder, the front end looks more like a yacht than a work machine, but the hybrid-diesel Belaz was built for one thing; seriously moving earth. Its two sixteen-cylinder engines get this super duty bad boy going and giving it 13,738 pounds of torque, more than the combined power of seventeen heavy-duty pickup trucks.
    Image by: Truck Gps

    2. Mobile Launcher Platform

    The Mobile Launcher Platform or MLP is one of three two-story structures used by NASA to support the Space Shuttle stack during its transportation from the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to Launch Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center as well as serve as the vehicle’s launch platform. NASA’s three MLPs were originally constructed for the Apollo Program to launch the Saturn V rockets in the 1960s and 1970s, and have remained in service to this day, with substantial alterations.
    Image by: NASA

    3. Giant Mechanical Spider

    London took pride in owning their very own mechanical elephant, but Liverpool decided to one-up them. On a rainy afternoon, a gigantic spider ushered in from Salthouse Dock, to awe, thrill and scare spectators. The giant mechanic spider, named La Princesse trundled down the streets at two miles an hour, eventually climbing the side of the Concourse House, a derelict building on Lime Street.
    Image by: Boston

    4. Bagger 288

    Their numbers are staggering: 12,804 tons, 246 feet long, 106 high and 46 wide. Construction took 5 years at a cost of $ 100 million. The Bagger 288 was built for the coal mine in Hambach, Germany. You can dig cubic 76,000 meters daily, the equivalent of a football field 30 meters deep. The coal produced in one day can fill 2,400 rail cars of coal.
    Image by: Swapmeetdave

    5. The Large Hadron Collider

    Another largest machine in the world was created to study the tiniest composition known: the structure of the atomic nucleus. Nuclear accelerators are nothing new. They were first invented in the 1930’s for investigating the many aspects of particle physics. The Hadron Collider is seventeen miles in circumference and is buried 574 feet under the ground, near Geneva, Switzerland.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2015

    Meet Hulk, a 17 month old bully pit bull weighing around 175 lbs and he's not even finished growing yet.

    The video, which racked up more than a million views in its first week, left many viewers wondering if The Hulk really was the world's largest pit bull. While there is no official size record for pit bulls, many aspects of The Hulk's size are truly amazing. 

    First, Dark Dynasty K9's (DDK9), a specialty breeder of large security dogs, credits The Hulk's massive size to his bloodline. The kennel's web site explains the dog's pedigree and traces the Hulk's ancestry back five generations:

    "What is a bloodline?" is a very popular question and one that can be debated. To us at DDK it is the ability to create a consistent look. All bloodlines start off by selectively in and out breeding with a number of other bloodlines to create the style you are looking for. In time you should start to see a consistency in the production of the dogs. Here at DDK we are known for XXXL working style American Bullies that stand from any other bloodline by the look and the drive to work and protect. Like all other creators of bloodlines, we have a vision and started the long selective process to say "I have created a look that is different and distinguished". We give full credit to all bloodlines used to create the DDKLINE: Camelot, Petersons, Mcenna, Razors Edge, Gotti, Watchdog, Grayline, Red Lion, Dagger, Chevy...and the list goes on. In the past 8 years of breeding we could fill a whole page with the direct bloodlines used to create DDK in the past 8 years, as well as the bloodlines used to create those bloodlines; and with the proper research all this information is available. By selectively choosing dogs the DDKLINE was born and is here to stay.

    While the video of The Hulk may seem incredible, DDK9 has dozens of additional photographs documenting the pit bull's massive size. This dog is only 17 months old and may still be growing. 

    The Hulk may look scary, but DDK9 insists he is a sweetheart. The breeder says while its dogs are bred primarily for security, they are also great family dogs.

    Friday, February 20, 2015

    Mayweather-Pacquiao set for May 2

    3:19 PM PT -- Floyd just posted a picture of the signed contract on his Shots page ... saying, "What the world has been waiting for has arrived."
    He added, "Mayweather vs. Pacuiao on May 2, 2015, is a done deal. I promised the fans we would get this done and we did."

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. is making it official what we already knew was coming for weeks -- TMZ Sports has learned his fight with Manny Pacquiao is set, the deal is signed -- and they'll be getting it on in Vegas on May 2nd. 
    As we previously reported, the two fighters reached an agreement to get in the ring back in January -- and the major issues, including date and location have been set for weeks. 

    The fight is expected to be the richest contest in boxing history --  with both pugilists projected to take in well over 100 million dollars.
    Good work if you can get it folks ...

    More: TMZ

    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Watch Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Chat During Heat Game

    Phone numbers, not punches, were exchanged when Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather’s went face-to-face on Tuesday night — not in the ring, of course, but during a chance meeting at a basketball game in Miami.
    The two welterweights, who were in attendance for the Milwaukee Bucks win over the Heat, took a couple of minutes during halftime to chat. Both Mayweather and the Pacman appeared to remain cordial during the exchange, despite years of trash talk and accusations in the absence of a deal that would allow the fighters to settle one of modern boxing’s most-debated rivalries.
    “It was a private discussion. They had a private, friendly discussion and that’s all I really want to say,” said Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s adviser, according to ESPN.
    During the exchange, the two boxers also swapped phone numbers, indicating that they may begin taking a greater role in negotiating a deal for a potential showdown in early May, according to the Associated Press.
    “He gave his number to me and said we will communicate with each other,” Pacquiao told the AP.

    Sunday, January 25, 2015

    18-year-old hacker behind massive bank data theft in China

    Police in ‪#‎Guangdong‬ Province have revealed fresh details about a gang of 11 men who were arrested in May last year for stealing the ‪#‎bankcard‬ data of over 1.6 million people.
    The ‪#‎gang‬ was led by an 18-year-old, surnamed Ye, who had apparently learned programming on his own and then drifted to a life of ‪#‎hacking‬ and‪#‎crime‬.
    The gang reportedly sold the data they stole to a number of online agencies. The data were eventually leaked to those, who, using loopholes in online payment systems, siphoned off an undisclosed amount.
    According to the police, the potential amount of money on the cards that could have been stolen is estimated at nearly 1.5 billion yuan ($214 million).

    The first breakthrough for the police came in May 2014 when they arrested Ye along with his 10 gang members. At the time, they also found 11 computers and 13 POS machines, among other items.
    When searching through Ye’s computer, they found the personal data of over 1.6 million people’s bank cards.
    While cracking the case, police have warned people to be cautious while making transactions online.
    “Use Ukey and other devices that banks provide to ensure security. They are the strongest in protection. So far, we haven’t found any case of Ukeys being hacked,” Mr. Liao, an official with Guangdong police told CCTV.

    The case has sparked a wide ranging debate on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo, with many condemning the poor security system of banks.
    “Banks should work on dealing with the loopholes! What are they doing every day?” wrote a user named @Jianghaishan.
    Others, meanwhile, are seemingly in awe of the 18-year-old Ye for running such a sophisticated operation: “A genius is a genius if he/she is on the right path, but a scourge if he/she takes the wrong way…” opined a user named @HyunQingl.