Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ever Wondered What This Arrow Next To Your Car’s Fuel Meter Means?

Many of you must have wondered what this peculiar arrow denotes on your dashboard?

Right? Today that question will be answered. But before we get to that, do you know where the gas tank is located in your car? Obviously, you know. But what if this was a rented car? Would you know which side the gas tank is on? OR what if it’s your friend’s car? That sign, the peculiar sign, denotes which side of the car the gas tank is on.
This arrow might not be present in old cars, however, the hose on the icon still depicts which side of the car the gas tank is on. Who knew this sign would be so helpful?

Instantly See Which Side of Your Car the Gas Tank Is On...

Monday, June 8, 2015

The “Human-Powered” Amusement Park In The World Made by Hand

Venice, Italy - Bruno is the owner of the restaurant called “Ai Pioppi” and when he learned to
weld in the 1960’s, he thought of making a playground for kids to come to his restaurant.

He said, “A branch falls, a leaf floats down, a bird flies by, a stone rolls. And I say to myself, ‘Maybe I can use this movement.’ That’s how my ideas are born.”
“If you are attached to someone, emotionally or mentally, or someone you live with. When this person dies and you were attached to him, you feel pain for some time, but this feeling slowly goes away. In ten years, you may still remember him but your children won’t even know who he was. It’s over!” – Bruno

This awesome park could be an alternative way to promote exercise. Fun and exciting at the same time. But what’s more impressive is…it was entirely built by hand and Bruno did it alone. Now that’s pure dedication and effort. WOW!!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

SM Seaside City Cebu to open in November

Cebu City Philippines, In November this year, SM Seaside City, the fourth largest SM mall nationwide, will open.
This is according to Hans Sy, president of SM Prime Holdings Inc., who was in Cebu yesterday for the mall’s tenant preview held inside SM Seaside City at the South Road Properties.
“We are looking to open the mall by November,” Sy told reporters at the sidelines of the event. In its four-year construction period, the company has already spent P7.5 billion for the mall development.
The next six years will be more exciting, he said, as they are targeting to completely develop the entire 30-hectare complex.
Upon completion, the site will have a convention center, which is planned to be as big as the 24,000-square meter SMX Convention Center in Pasay, a hotel, and high-rise residential and office towers.
“The whole complex will cost P20 billion, but we have to raise our budget to P30 billion,” Sy said, citing the company’s confidence in their investments in Cebu and the positive response they are getting.
Sy said SM Seaside City will be the fourth largest SM mall in the country, having a gross floor area of 470,000 square meters. SM’s biggest malls are SM Megamall (570,000 sqm.), SM North Edsa (540,000 sqm.), and SM Mall of Asia (480,000 sqm.).
The official said there is space for more than 400 tenants and that 50 percent have already signed up. Names of the tenants, however, were not disclosed.
“What I can say that for is half of the tenants, it will be their first time in Cebu,” Sy said, referring to global brands that have already set foot in Metro Manila years ago, but have not yet penetrated Cebu.

An observational piece documenting a historical part of Osaka's car enthusiasts culture

This is RAW footage that was captured in Japan as merely an observational piece documenting a historical part of Osaka's car enthusiasts culture. What you see is not scripted in any way nor was any of it planned. What you will witness is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted, recreated, or practiced at any time.

All parties who participated do so at their own risk and hold any and all persons associated with STICKYDILJOE.COM and this channel harmless of any and all liabilities.


The Chronicles Vlog #7 is a series of videos documenting my journey back to Japan in preparation for the annual Wekfest Japan event. I was asked to return to Japan a few days earlier than I had originally scheduled to help out the guys over at Tactical Art. They were finishing up some cars and preparing for the event and it was important that I be there early to help. I decided to document the entire thing so that you can see what goes on prior to WFJP as well as after. This is essentially every day life in Japan as we prepared for the big event.

This is probably the one that many have been waiting to see... With that said, let me address one major issue that people will have when viewing this: YES, the video is very shaky. I have done what I could to stabilize it but what it comes down to is we just weren't prepared for any of this to happen that night. Originally, we had planned to head back to Tokyo but being that it was a major holiday, we couldn't get a train out and so we were stuck in Osaka. It was just a average, chill day until we got a phone call from one of our contacts within No Good Racing. I can't really divulge much on the details of the evening but as you will see, we have acquired raw in-car footage in its most violent form. For those of you who were wondering what it was like to participate in this incredibly dangerous activity, now you will get a glimpse from within the car that is piloted by a highly-respected member of NGR who we have come to know as "The King". He is a long-time member (over 20 years driving) who is still very much an active member of the infamous car club. What I want you guys to notice when watching the video is the pure joy he gets from running the Osaka Loop to this very day in 2015. The guy is just not wired like regular human beings. He is a thrill-seeker like none you have ever seen before and his crazy, violent driving style is one that has to be seen. 

Credits: http://stickydiljoe.com/2015/06/03/the-chronicles-vlog-7-part-88-this-finale-is-no-good/#more-7207